People don’t leave companies, they leave leaders. And while the subject of leadership has never been talked about more, research tell us that leaders are actually getting worse. At Capacity7, we are passionate about transforming organizations through the leaders who serve them. We believe that the key to transformation, is from the inside out – by design, with personalized tools for individual styles and teams, versus a one-size-fits-all approach. Our history of successes (and failures) fuels our passion to serve leaders in this endeavor and to make business better.

As the founding Partner of Capacity7, Andy’s passion is to inspire and equip leaders globally, to embrace a new, more profitable style of leadership focused on developing great people as a prerequisite for making great money.

Working with top leaders in business, military, entertainment and the non-profit world, Andy has a multi-industry and forward-thinking awareness most business advisors don’t bring to the table. This unique knowledge base has led him in successful partnerships with organizations like Coca-Cola, The U.S. Air Force, Chick-Fil-A, Newell Rubbermaid, The Mattress Firm, LabeLive Events, Points of Light, Team Novo Nordisk and Northwestern Mutual.

Prior to founding Capacity7, Andy spent his career helping consumer package goods companies thrive. Alongside Kraft/Veryfine, he co-created a national brand called Fruit2o®, igniting a global, new beverage category and influencing the creation of 21 unique brands and over 34 billion dollars in annual sales.

Clients say that Andy has a way of clarifying complex problems into simple terms, paving the way for immediate action. His unique ability to help leaders transform problems into actionable solutions makes him an invaluable advisor and business partner.

Andy is also the author of The 40/40 Principle, a book that reveals the purpose and power of strategic mentoring relationships in the post information age. He is an Honorary Professor of Leadership at Air University, USAF, holds a BBA of Finance from Kent State University, M.Div. from BTCP, PCC Professional Certified Coach from CoachU and a CLC Certified Life Coach from ILCT. He is a fan of extreme sports, but not too extreme. For the last five years he and a group of like-minded, adventurous types have traveled to Colorado to hike one or more of the fifty-three 14ers (14,000 foot or higher mountains).